ATPColor Ink Easy 2


The evolution of Easy 1, compatibile with Epson DX4/DX5/DX6 and DX7 heads


We are launching this week our New "Easy 2" with the following plus:

1) Colors much more vivid, from 20 to 30% compare to the previous version the Easy 1;

2) The color carrier it is absolutely transparent, so that when you print directly you will never need to wash the fabric (if properly color fixed);

3) Printability has been improved;

4) Completely green, NONE of the color has a risk labeling, no risk inks;

5) They are suitable for direct and sublimation printing, our experience made possibile the development of an ink that it is perfect for the direct printing as well as for the traditional sublimation process;

6) They are developed for Epson DX7/DX5 and DX4 heads;


The inks are sold in liter and not for KG (a litter of ink it is generally 7/8% more than a Kg).

We are selling them in boxes of 6 liter for each color.


Sublimation Ink? Disperse Ink? Which are the differences?

Chemically the Sublimation Ink it is a “variation” of the disperse ink, the “variation” is related to the dimension of the molecule, very small on the sublimation because the technology needs that it sublimate (explode) turning into gas.

Sublimation Ink are the most common in the digital printing, very few manufacture are producing “real disperse ink”.


Property of the Sublimation Inks (Low Energy Disperse dye):1

a) Common product, most ink manufactures have them in catalogue

b) Brilliant color;

c) Week color fastness, light, rubbing

d) Easy printability

e) The sublimation process and related Inks is/was a patent of Sawgrass;

f) No Wash needed


Property of Disperse Inks: (High Energy Disperse Dye):

a) Strong color fastness, light, rubbing;

b) Color less brilliant compare to sublimation;

c) Not common inks;

d) Not easy printability particularly on Epson based printers, Mutoh, Roland, Mimaki, Epson;

e) In most of the cases washing it is needed;


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