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If you are interested in a truly innovative approach to sublimation printing and it doesn't scare you to think "out of the box", you are in the right place!

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Carbon fibre shaft


We produce textile printers with three different printing technologies:
1. In-line direct fixation
2. Off-line direct fixation
3. Off-line sublimation transfer paper

We have developed state of the art printing technologies after years of testing. The innovations are all patented and being used by other companies.


paragonare produttori stampanti tessili


  • Because our simple & easy process uses a real heating drum.
  • Because we are among the most experienced company in textile printing. Are you facing a new problem? We bet that we already faced and solved it years ago!
  • Because we have many customers who each printed more than 2 million sqm with our printers
  • Because our work-flow is the easiest, fastest and most efficient in the market.
  • Because our systems have an integrated ultrasonic automatic sewing system to attach new rolls, reducing waste.
  • Because our printers feature several ways to adjust the fabric tension so the system prints consistently and reliably regardless of the type of fabric.

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OneTex stampante tessile di 5 metri


... Don't ask us, ask our clients!

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macchina da stampa rimesso a nuovo


With an ATP printer, you don't just get a top print quality at a reasonable cost.

With our 'refurbishment' proposal you can rest assured that the printer will last for many years, because we can and will refurbish it.

A truly green solution that also saves money because you don't have to buy a new printer to catch up with technology

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Our new textile printers:

Do note that the print quality is very high and long lasting without the need to have an external calander!

OneTex 5200

OneTex 3200

OnPaper 1900