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ATP Color: The “multinational in a nutshell” competing with the soft signage giants

For over ten years, ATPColor has been one of the most visionary and innovative companies in Italy in textile printing for graphic art. And yet, it virtually only sells abroad.

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Communicate quietly

There are companies on the market with cut-throat and aggressive sales and marketing policies, all jockeying for position; ones which flex their corporate muscles through large-scale marketing campaigns and impressively large stands at trade fairs. Companies that “make a lot of noise”. And then there are companies that choose to communicate quietly, relying on the quality of their products and word of mouth by their customers. ATPColor belongs to this second category and has turned understatement into its raison d'être.

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Interview with Roberto Martellono

“Being passionate about your work is essential: if you don’t have passion, there is bound to be someone who does and that person will be better than you”

ATPColor in Italia Publishers

R&D: speed is essential for survival

Research is ongoing in ATPColor. In most cases, the company responds to specific requests and feedback from customers, reported by dealers. Thanks to a streamlined decision-making chain, if a suggestion or a proposal is deemed interesting and achievable, the three technicians immediately get to work to develop it. This speed is, and must be, the strength of a small company that includes EFI VUTEK and Durst among its main competitors. “We are the mosquito that disturb the giants’ slumber. If we are fast enough, we survive. And sometimes, we even win”, is the effective metaphor used by Martellono. The modifications are designed not only to adapt to all printers, but also so they can be installed as an update on all previous models. This extreme intellectual and professional honesty by ATPColor, which does not force customers into buy a new machine to access new technology, consequently also becomes a powerful tool for building loyalty.