No 1+1

A complete Direct-to-Fabric solution; it is a single process from printing to cutting.

Does not need separate calender

Does not need transfer paper

Does not need protective paper

Easy unattended Workflow


No Toaster

We have direct contact between the printed surface of the media and the heated surface of the calender.

Heat, dwell time and contact are needed to fix the color. Other solutions for direct printing have no contact…just the toaster.



No Banding

The ATPColor direct-to-fabric printing system features two precision stepping motors and synchronized dancing rollers that automatically fine tune the media feeding process to ensure precise movements with every pass of the print head. Adjustable interleave technology delivers perfectly smooth image details and no banding.



New Inks

ATPColor’s inks have been specifically formulated to deliver exceptional colour gamut and fastness to sublimated graphics. No washing needed.

Print • In line Fix • Deliver to customer



Green Solution

We make the best possible usage of the heating power. Our system has power consumption that’s 1/5 or 1/3 of other solutions on the market.




High Speed

High speed printing and fixation with a simplified workflow. The return on investment it is much faster when reducing production bottlenecks and simplifying the processes.




Show Through

Our solution provides flags with a perfect show through. Flags appear to be printed double sided…both in solid colors and continuous tone images.




InLine Cutting

The production process is made easier and faster by an optional slitting system. The system uses cold knife technology to make sharp flawless cuts.

The Inline Cutting System can be stopped or paused without creating defects in the printed fabric — a significant advantage over traditional hot knife systems.



UV Resistant

Dedicated inks, direct printing and state-of-the-art color fixation deliver a high UV resistance compared to traditional paper transfer printing.