Based on a completely new developed printing system, the DPP 740 G5 prints at very high speed on sublimation paper. The printer fully satisfies the needs of the growing market of digitally printed fashion and sportswear. 


The DPP 740 G5 is based on the latest printing heads technology using the Rioch G5 industrial printing heads.

The printer is equipped with the unique media feeding used by ATPColor in hundreds of textile oriented printers.

High Capacity

The printer can load jumbo paper rolls (with the jumbo roll option) and is equipped with 4 servo motors. The printer does not use the pinch rolls or a belt for feeding the paper.

Our sublimation printer really delivers the best quality at a very high speed using the most advanced heads technology and a proven media feeding mechanism.

The rolls for standard feeding are at maximum 40cm diameter. There is an option to use 60 and 90cm diameter rolls. 

Expected meter loaded Ø 40 cm Ø 60 cm
Transjet Industrial 932, 65 g/m2 1'400 ml 3'250 ml
Transjet Classic 831, 75 g/m2 1'300 ml 3'000 ml
Transjet Classic 831, 100 g/m2 1'000 ml 2'300 ml
Transjet Sportsline 931, 100 g/m2 1'050 ml 2400 ml


Inks of the DPP740 are specially developed to maintain the printing power of the system without any missing jets during the printing with an excellent colour depth. Inks are sold in 5 litre containers and the DPP740 has an ink degasing system in line to let the inks maintain their physical characteristics.


The DPP740 is equipped with the last generation of printheads technologies, it uses the Ricoh G5 heads with 1280 nozzels, 8 level grey scale capabilityes in a very compact size. The Native Drop Volume is 7pl with a variation up to 35pl and it operates up to 60Khz native drop operating frequency.

The Ricoh G5 heads are industrial heads with an expected life time in the range of 100billion actuations per jet. Other popular heads are in the range of only 7 billion actuations per nozzle.

Drying Capacity

Printing fast is just one side of an industrial production system, the other side is the fast drying to overcome possible defects. The DPP740 dries the paper using multiple drying systems and technology:

1) Preheating;

2) Heating below the printing area;

3) Heating after the printing, 100cm of linear drying area with different temperature settings of up to 80°C;

4) Air blade for final drying;

Each one of these drying technologies is adjustable, to give the customer the freedom of choice which paper type to use, without the need of costly paper with fast drying capabilities.

Why DPP 740 is the best printer

There are markets, like the sportswear, where direct printing it is not the best choice because the printed fabric will need to be cut in shapes accordingly to the jobs done, and it is always better to cut paper than fabric, for these markets the DPP740 it is the best choice for:

1) Quality of printing (7pl);

2) Speed of printing (two pass at 125sqm/h),

3) Speed of drying the paper, 1mt drying surface plus hot hair device;

4) Long run capabilities, it can fit jumbo rolls till 60cm diameter and 300Kg;

5) High reliability, it has in line degasing system;

6) Latest head technologies the Ricoh G5;